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Thank you for your visit and please let me introduce you to myself, the Hoy team and our yard Somerby Stables, my wonderful team of horses and my fantastic partners!

I hope you will enjoy your journey through our website and we would be delighted to keep you updated via our Instagram, X and TikTok and to see you at one of the many events around the world or welcome you to our home, Somerby Stables.

See you soon! Our very best Wishes,
Andrew & Stefanie Hoy

Andrew and his wife Steffi on their farm
The two children of Andrew playing on the farm

Somerby Stables

Redefining Equestrian Excellence with Global Impact

Andrew Hoy on a ride
The Hoy Team
ponies in peaceful camaraderie

Welcome to a world where the equestrian journey is not just a sport but a captivating narrative of achievement and benevolence.

Somerby Stables stands as an epitome of equestrian excellence, offering a myriad of state-of-the-art facilities that cater to the diverse needs of our discerning clientele. Our expansive indoor and outdoor arenas, designed for both jumping and dressage training, provide the perfect canvas for honing the skills of elite horses and nurturing international talents. Beyond the arena, our grass track serves as an idyllic space for hillwork and fitness training, complemented by the convenience of a Monarch Horse Walker, lunging arena, and vast turnout facilities.

Our commitment to fostering a holistic learning environment extends to the finer details, with dedicated tack rooms, top-notch tack-up and wash-down facilities, and even on-site student accommodation. As a global hub for equestrian enthusiasts, we take pride in our outreach, welcoming clients from many different nations and backgrounds, ensuring that our passion for equestrianism transcends borders. At Somerby Stables, every stride resonates with the harmonious blend of dedication, skill, and philanthropy, creating an unparalleled experience where excellence meets compassion.

Alone we can do so little - together we can do so much

Existing partners

Andrew Hoy

The extraordinary journey from a boy growing up in the rural Australian countryside to becoming an equestrian legend

Andrew Hoy with his Olympic medal in Tokyo
Andre Hoy opening the doors to his home
Andrew Hoy on a ride

With an impressive tally of 6 Olympic Medals, including 3 Gold, Andrew stands as one of Australia’s most decorated athletes, leaving an indelible mark across 8 Olympic Games. As a key member of the Australian High-Performance Gold Squad, he now sets his sights on the 2024 Olympic Games, supported by a dedicated team of top horses.

The foundation of Andrew’s success lies in his meticulous attention to detail, an unyielding will to learn, and a commitment to constant improvement – a journey that propels him towards campaigning for an unprecedented 9th Olympic Games in Paris 2024. Despite his global accomplishments, Andrew’s love for his home country, the Australian people, and the farming way of life has remained an integral part of his identity.

Proudly representing Australia on the international equestrian stage, Andrew Hoy not only wears the green and gold with honour but also serves as a symbol of national pride. His enduring connection to his roots and his commitment to embodying the spirit of a true champion make him a remarkable ambassador for Australia, showcasing a passion that extends beyond competition and speaks to the heart of his Australian heritage.

Andrew Hoy in Numbers

Olympic Medals:
A remarkable collection, including 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze.
Olympic Games:
The only Australian to compete in this prestigious event 8 times.
Different horses Andrew has ridden at Olympic Games and World Championships

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