Being bred for racing and having been raised on Texas cattle station in Southern Queensland Davey had the most extraordinary journey before being bought for me by my parents as my “Pony Club Horse” when I was 15.

Due to a drought in Queensland he travelled 1800 kilometers south to Wangaratta, Victoria with a trainload of horses to be sold through the Sales Ring. Bought by Dairy Farmer “Dave” – his name patron - to move dairy cattle on his farm he was sold on to local showjumper Helen Hanna before being purchased by my parents and moving to our home “Cornalla” near Albury, New South Wales. Davey took me to two Olympic Games, two World Championships and a Burghley Title!

A truly outstanding horse who I owe everything to!

If you now want to know which is the best horse I have ever ridden – I cannot give you an answer! They are and have been such different personalities, individual characters and each of them is and has been wonderful in their own way. The one thing I can say the more riding I do the more I appreciate my early horses - my knowledge 40 years ago was so limited and the horses were fantastic to support the “gaps”.