Kiah Consulting specialises in bringing private sector acumen to the public sector. We are an Australian company established in 2003, and are now a multi-million-dollar business servicing government and industry internationally.

We eschew the mediocre to astound in delivery through innovation, design, alignment and purposeful execution. We do this across domains ranging from logistics through IT and infrastructure with expertise in specialist procurement and service delivery management.

Kiah is unlike any other consulting company.  Our business is fixing business problems, typically in and with the public sector. We balance commercial imperatives with public sector values.

We solve problems “from the inside out”, building partnerships with our clients and providing advice and leadership through consultation, influence and example. No two assignments are the same but nearly all are characterised by ambiguity, urgency and challenge.

We do the things that need to be done, not everything that might be done.  We seek to leave a legacy of sustainable, self-managed outcomes appropriate for the client’s needs.

We believe in brilliance. We sponsor and support our young riders because we like to see hard work and talent rewarded. We partner with Andrew because he shares our values.

We are proud and happy to work with Andrew and his team and share the joy of Algebra’s eventing career.