ArcEquine is widely respected amongst top level competitors and trainers, supporting both health and wellbeing in horses training and competing at all levels.

The small and completely portable ArcEquine unit is very easy to use and the drug-free, non-invasive microcurrent therapy treats the whole body. One three-hour treatment period daily will rapidly reduce swelling, inflammation and pain resulting from injury, along with supporting healing in all tissue types, including bone, tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves.

In addition, by effectively preventing cumulative damage caused by so-called micro-tears, which occur daily as part of ‘normal’ training, ArcEquine will reduce the likelihood of ‘niggles’ deteriorating into major injuries.

Horses are very comfortable with an ArcEquine, which should be rotated around uninjured legs on consecutive days during a treatment period. When compared to pharmaceutical medications, ArcEquine therapy has no known side-effects and cannot be ‘overdosed’. Alongside correct rehabilitation, ArcEquine will speed up the healing process and shorten recovery time, helping to reduce associated stress.