Bombers Bits meet the industry’s highest scientific standard for horse bits. The brand’s focus is on providing innovative solutions to riders' needs; their famous horse bits have an ethos of innovation, with handmade quality. A Bombers bit helps achieve enhanced communication and feel between horse and rider; Bombers Bits are used across all horse riding disciplines.

Since pioneering and developing its mouth-moulding process (which involves taking an impression of the equine’s mouth bars, in order to create a custom-made bit) earlier this year, Bombers Bits has been honing the innovative process, and the brand is delighted to be working with Andrew Hoy in a partnership capacity. Bombers’ UK representative Sue Gilliatt undertakes bit prescription yard visits; she fully involves equestrian dental technicians to perform the mouldings, and then ‘prescribes’ her equine clients a Bombers bit with a suitable mouthpiece and cheekpiece from the Bombers range.

In addition to the bits ‘prescribed’ with the moulding method, Bombers Bits are widely available ‘off the shelf’, and also made-to-order, with relevant cheekpieces and mouthpieces; they’re distributed in the UK by: Visit for more information.